We have specialised in acquiring industrial sites primarily for factory break ups. Depending on the requirements of the end user we carry out further sub division. These are carried out to a high standard regardless of tenant. We carry out ‘in house’ management on our projects.


We specialise in the refurbishment of offices in the Home Counties. We take great pride in internal design and exterior finish to ensure the finished product reflects modern office needs.


On acquiring sites for residential use we usually work on a sole basis but we will consider either a joint venture or consortium project. We try and maximise the site to its full potential working very closely with town planners to create a master plan which will be acceptable to the local authority.

Brownfield Sites

For the last ten years Newell Properties have been the preferred partner working with National Grid who recognise Newell Properties as a company that can maximise difficult sites. We are currently working closely with them on several ongoing joint ventures.